Sunday, November 24, 2013

Project #2: PLN Final Report

Ronald Griffin's PLN

Since my initial report on my PLN, I have made Symbaloo the homepage on my computer. I have added a number of titles to it making it a one stop page of resources for me. My Symbaloo is basically broken down into 3 categories; Educational, EDM310, and Personal. For the educational side of things I have added iCurio, Discovery Ed, Alabama Department of Education, U.S. Department of Education, Linkedin, Teachmeet, SAS Curriculum Pathway, Twitter, Symbaloo EDU, and Ted Talks. I have picked up most of these titles from assignments in EDM310, but have also gotten a few from different teacher blogs that I commented on. I feel like these are going to be the backbone of my PLN. They offer a wide range of resources for teaching, and also offer a lot of social opportunities to interact with other teachers. For the EDM310 portion I added YouTube, Blogger, and GMail. Several of the titles from the educational section also double in this section (Ted Talks, Twitter, iCurio, Discovery Ed). Having these titles together made it easier when doing assignments for the class. In the personal section I added Google, Weather (Symbaloo weather), eBay, Facebook, Translate (Symbaloo), Freep, Encyclopedia (Symbaloo), Netflix, and Yellow-Pages (Symbaloo). This has been a great section for regular everyday things I use/check, from an online news paper I read to checking the weather. Overall, Symbaloo has been a great addition for my PLN.

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