Sunday, November 24, 2013

C4K November

Faaao's "M Most Memorable Time At Pt England School !"

Faaao is a seventh grade student from Auckland, New Zealand. In this post, Faaao describes a memorable experience she had at Pt England School. The experience she talked about was a race. She described how fun the race was and how proud she was of herself for finishing.

My comment to Faaao

I told Faaao that races can be a great experience. I complemented her on how well she described her experience. I told her that a good use of descriptive words will hold the attention of the reader.

Skye Wrote a story about Big Bird too! By Skye

Skye is a second grader from New Zealand. Skye wrote a story about Big Bird and then read it for a short podcast. Skye said she feels good when she hugs Big Bird, and she hugs him everyday. She also said he is handsome and has a yellow body.

My comment to Sky

I told Skye she did a great job reading her story. I told her i used to watch Big Bird as a kid a long time ago. I also encouraged her to keep up the good work.

student + blog equals credibility

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