Sunday, November 3, 2013

C4K October Summary

Maya Pickle's Chapter 8-9 Out Of My Mind post

Maya is in Ms. Eppele's elementary school class out of British Columbia, Canada. Maya starts off by summarizing some qualities that service dogs have. Helping improve the lives of people with various disabilities including blindness and epilepsy, were some of the points Maya highlighted. Maya also spoke of jealousy and how she has learned from experiencing that emotion.

My comment to Maya

I complimented Maya on a great job of summarizing service dog qualities. I also told her it was a great thing that she learned from being jealous of her brother, because by feeling bad when it happened means she has a good conscience and ultimately that will help her in the long run.

Doctor Who's Decomposers of the Forest

Doctor Who is a student in Mrs. Mclean's class from Alberta, Canada. In this post, Doctor Who talks about Fungi, and their role in the plant cycle of the forest. Doctor Who's key points included fungus being a type of mold that grows in many places in the forest, and fungi being able to decompose dead organisms in the dirt. Doctor Who also included several pictures of fungi in the post.

My comment to Doctor Who

I commented on how intricate processes like that of fungi are so vital to our ecosystem. I also shared a link with Doctor Who on other affects of fungus, namely the Potato Blight of Ireland. I told Doctor Who scientific knowledge is a great asset to have in the grand scheme of how our world works.

King Remy's Christchurch rebuild

King Remy is a fifth grade student from Christchurch, New Zealand. In this post Remy writes about rebuilding ideas for Christchurch, New Zealand after an earthquake did significant damage. Remy's ideas included new buildings, new playgrounds and a water park, and a new stadium. He concludes his post by hoping any wish that the reader may have for rebuilding Christchurch comes true.

My comment to King Remy

The first thing I wrote to Remy was about his post structure. Remy did a great job separating his ideas into different paragraphs. He also included an introduction and conclusion, which made his writing very understandable. I also offered Remy some advice on capitalization. Several of Remy's sentences started with a word that was not capitalized, so I reminded him that the first word in a sentence should always be capitalized.

Quotes by Brandon

Brandon is a seventh grade student in Ms. Horst's class. For this post Brandon chose to write a quote. He said he liked quotes because it affords one the opportunity to learn more about the "personality" of people. Brandon chose the following quote; "survival is not a choice, it's a instinct"-Author Unknown.

My Comment to Brandon

In my comment to Brandon, I highlighted several great things about quotes. I first told him quotes can be a great motivator. Next, I told him how quotes can serve as inspiration. I wrapped up my comment talking about how amazing survival instinct is, and the amazing things people can do when it kicks in.

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