Sunday, October 13, 2013

C4T#2 Summaries

Bring your own ideas post by Ben Jones

In this post Ben talks about BYOD (bring your own device) programs in education. He indicates that many of the BYOD programs will fail because they don't have a solid foundation of people doing it for the right reasons. Ben said that many of the forces behind BYOD have their own agendas and that bothers him. He concludes that all it takes is simple communication with students in the classroom to make BYOD work. He stressed that "uniting" with students is the key. He said all he did was ask his students what devices they had access to and what they could bring to class. From there he conducted the class in the best way possible.

My comment to Ben

I first commented on the video that he uploaded to his blog. The video was a song that tied in his main argument of the post and was very interesting. I discussed how technology has become more prevalent in education and that BYOD programs have both their ups and downs. Overall, I really liked and agreed with his main point of uniting with students. Many plans, including BYOD, are great in theory but just talking about them or writing policies about them aren't getting anything done. One has to act and put plans in motion to see any results. As Ben eluded to, simple communication with students can get the ball rolling. I plan to use communication with my students religiously, as I believe it is a key component in education.

Weathering the storm of education by Ben Jones

In this post Ben talks about the affects of teaching on teachers. He references some of his thoughts to another blog titled "A View From The Middle". Ben tactfully points out teachers that have "physiological reactions" to teaching are the ones who truly care about their job. Ben said he would like to be surrounded by the kind of teachers who have physiological reactions, because going through the tough times only makes a teacher stronger. Ben concludes by questioning how teachers should be supported when going through tough times, because ultimately the students' quality of education depends on it.

My comment to Ben

I told Ben I also want to be surrounded by teachers who are passionate about teaching, and are emotionally vested enough to be affected by outcomes. I have personally worked with "robots" who show no passion and in turn provide no support to their coworkers. I also shared my opinion on supporting coworkers experiencing physiological reactions. I said listening and being an encouragement can make a big difference to someone in these situations.

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