Sunday, October 6, 2013

C4K September Summary

Punkin's "This I Believe" Post

Punkin is a student in Jamie Lynn Martin's 1st block class. Punkin's post was about making mistakes and learning from them. Punkin told a personal story of how she was caught smoking by the police. She was arrested and taken to juvenile detention. She felt horribly about smoking behind her Grandmother's back, especially since her Grandmother had been taking care of her while her mother was in jail. After it was all said and done, Punkin knew she made a mistake and said she learned from it and will try and do better.

My comment to Punkin

I started off by telling her how important learning from mistakes are in life. I then shared a story with her about how I stole a GameBoy when I was young and the harsh consequences that followed. I told her how much I learned from that incident and that I have never stolen since that day.

Natalie's "Dear Diary!" Post

Natalie is a fifth year student in Mrs. Lieschke's class. In this post Natalie shared some short stories she wrote through a website named storybird. Natalie showed great imagination in her stories, mostly focusing on everyday life scenarios.

My comment to Natalie

In my comment to Natalie I complemented her on having a great imagination. I told her that with a good imagination she has the potential to be a great writer. I went on to emphasize other ways a good imagination can lead to success, including future education and a future career.

Henry's "The five little pigs" Post

Henry is a fifth year student in Ms. Ouano's class. Henry's post was a story about five little pigs. In the story the little pig's mother went to work and the little pigs were supposed to go to school. After the mother returned home from work she wanted to make sure her little pigs went to school so she asked them, and then tried to confirm their answer with the house mouse. The story contained several quotations and a picture.

My comment to Henry

In my comment to Henry I complimented him on his use of quotations. I also told him I liked the picture he included in his story and how a good picture can paint vivid images in a readers mind.

Savannah's "Does The Sky Have Weight?" Post

Savannah is a sixth grade student in Mr. Rhodus's class. In her post she explains that the sky weights over 5 billion tons. She said that because the weight is evenly distributed around one's body it isn't harmful. She also pointed out that when flying in a plane, one feels less of the weight due to being above it.

My comment to Savannah

I started off by telling her I was glad she was learning about science, especially since I am going to be a science teacher. I told her that science is heavily reliant on questions, and questions lead to knowledge. I also asked her if she knew the atmosphere was mostly made up of Nitrogen and Oxygen.

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