Sunday, September 8, 2013

Blog Post #3

Peer Editing

Staying positive, giving detailed suggestions, and making the proper corrections were the main themes of the peer editing videos assigned. A big thing that stuck out to me while watching the videos was the approach of staying positive. Peer editing can be a touchy process, but staying positive is a great way to alleviate some of the stress of it. I can personally attest to being raked over the coals by negative peer editors, and I immediately became defensive.
a road of people waiting to tear into the editing process
Once I was on the defensive, I starting thinking about responses to my peer's "unfounded criticism", and the learning part of my brain shut down. In the end, I didn't get anything out of the process except a bad attitude. If my peer editor had taken a more positive approach ( and maybe a little more maturity on my part) then I wouldn't have been defensive and could have been open to learning from my mistakes. Some of the same situations happened with a few of my teachers throughout my educational career, and that just motivates me even more to stay positive with my future students.

Peer editing my group-mates was great practice. I have to give a shout out to my two group members Eric and Cameron for having some great insight so far on the topics we have covered in the class. I chose to e-mail both of them after I peer edited one of their posts. I chose this method because I feel like the process of editing another's work is best done privately. If done privately I believe one can make a more personal connection with the person they are editing. I feel like it can be more of an informative discussion between the two parties, rather than a public display of what the writer did wrong.


  1. Be sure to include links. Readers would like access to the peer editing sites you're reviewing.

  2. Hi Ronald! I like how you relate your post to your own experiences. I can relate to being defensive when others peer edit my materials incorrectly. I would just add links to websites on future blogs. Other than that, good job!